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Bio of Khu Man Tong (KMT)

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The myth about some talismans is mysterious because they are believed to possess spirits which sometimes show themselves to people in the house or the neighborhood.

The said talismans are Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom which both could bring good luck to your business and add charm to their owners, and protect them in case of danger.

The Origin of Kuman Tong Kuman Tong has been a very popular talisman in Thai society. Nowadays we can see the statues of Kuman Tong placed in many stores because the storekeepers believe that he could help them increase the customers in their stores and he could also bring good luck to the owners.

The myth of Kuman Tong was first appeared in the classic Thai literature, Kun Chang Kun Pan. Kun Pan, the protagonist of the story, discovered that Boa Klee, one of his wives, planed to poison him.

He, therefore, murdered her, took a dead fetus from his wife’s womb and decided to make his dead son Kuman Tong.

Kum Pan burnt the dead fetus to make the body smaller, covered it with gold leaves, and wrapped him up with a sheet.

Besides Fafeun sword and Si Mohk horse, Kuman Tong was one of the sacred things that Kun Pan tried to find all of his life.

Kuman Tong was a very significant thing for Kun Pan because he was also his son.

Moreover, Kuman Tong was a baby spirit; he could travel with Kun Pan everywhere unlike the other sacred things.

Kuman Tong has been classified as a sacred talisman since Ayuttaya Period and he still gains the same reputation in the moment.

Yet, we cannot create Kuman Tong in the same way with Kun Pan because it is illegal and immoral.
The Legend of Kuman Tong the Killer

There are two kinds of Kuman Tong, one is wild, ferocious and can destroy enemy, the other is able to add charm and bring fortune.
The first kind of Kuman Tong is fierce.
There are other four types of fierce Kuman Tong including
Kuman Tong Pretmun,
Kuman Tong Pretdub,
Kuman Tong Pretkong,
and Kuman Tong Pretsoon.
They can be called "Pret Puti Ngan" or "Kuman Pretprab".

People use them only to hurt or murder the enemy.

According to the legend, in creating this kind of Kuman Tong, the clergyman had to invite ghosts who died in unnatural death or evil spirits to inhabit in the statue of Kuman Tong.

These four kinds of fierce Kuman Tong have his own ways to destroy the enemy.
Kuman Tong Pretsoon has a power to drive people crazy.
Kuman Tong Pretkong and
Kuman Tong Pretmun are very good in protecting property;

they will kill the stranger who invades the house.
The only thing that can subdue Kuman Tong Pretmun is Wou Tanoo, which is made of wood used in carrying the dead body. Yet,
Kuman Tong Pretkong’s power is much stronger than Kuman Tong Pretmun because he is able to conquest Wou Tanoo.

Maybe the only thing that can stop Kuman Tong Pretkong is the copper Wou Tanoo or Kway Tanoo. Moreover, Kuman Tong Pretkong is able to chase after the enemy everywhere but Kuman Tong Pretmun can only exercise his power in his sphere.

Kuman Tong Pretkong therefore is an outstanding black spirit which can hardly find anything to conquest him.

Kuman Tong Pretdub is a cold-blooded killer who can cut the enemy’s throat as fast as the professional killer.

Kuman Tong the killers are still popular among people who believe in black magic. They are not quite famous among ordinary talisman collectors.

The type of Kuman Tong that we can find in general is not fierce like Kuman Tong the killer.
This kind of Kuman Tong, called valuable Kuman Tong, is good in bringing people good luck, adding charm, and increasing advantage in business, and there is no harm for the owner.

Kuman Tong who could add charm
Another kind of Kuman Tong that is used to watch houses, store, and invite customer, does not have any particular name.

Generally, the owner of Kuman Tong will name his talisman himself such as Udomdat, Udomlap, and Udomchoke.

We can find many people worshiping this kind of Kuman Tong because they are not fierce and can add charm to their owner.
In the past Kuman Tong in this kind created by Laung Por Tae from Wat Sam Ngam Temple were very powerful.
Nowadays they are usually created by Laung Por Yam who is the direct disciple of Laung Por Tae. Kuman Tong who could add charm cannot hurt anyone.

They have their special power to protect the houses, inviting customer, and bringing good luck. They do not have any power from evil spirit and black magic to hurt or destroy like Kuman Tong the killer.

The clergymen merely create these good Kuman Tong to encourage merchants who have good deed and want something to hold to.

Therefore this kind of Kuman Tong is the most famous talisman in these days.

an Outstanding Talisman in Kuman Tong’s family

Besides Kuman Tong who could add charm to his owner, Ruk-Yom is another talisman which can be classified in the same category with Kuman Tong because Ruk-Yom possesses similar power.

Some people worship both Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom because they believe the power of them could compliment each other and that would bring them prosperity.

The legend of Ruk-Yom is different from Kuman Tong’s but both of them appear in similar statue (usually a figure of a young boy).

The story about Ruk-Yom can be first found in Tum Rub Pook Hoon Pra Lob.

It said that there was a model of a boy created to be a playmate of Pra Lob, the son of Sida in Ramayana.

After that the story about creating this figure became an influent example for the follower who wanted to create Ruk-Yom.

Nowadays we can hardly find anyone who is skillful in creating Ruk-Yom, therefore, it almost disappeares from Thai society.

Yet, Master Kom Triwaj is widely accepted as the only one who could create the powerful Ruk-Yom.
The Method of Creating Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom

Master Kom Triwaj is the one who is skillful in creating Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom.

He has strong mind so that he can recite an incantation over Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom to make them powerful without inviting any spirit to inhibit inside.

Only his power of mind is enough to make powerful Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom.

People who worship these talismans from Master Kom always experience good things;

they can find comfort in every place they go, and that make Master Kom’s Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom more famous and miraculous.

The most important thing in creating Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom is, Master Kom believes, the wood that is brought to create these talismans.

He used the wood from withered Ruk Son tree and star gooseberry tree because it is an unusual thing in nature;

these trees can give fruit but most parts of them are dying.

People in the past believe that these trees possessed special power and if they were used in making Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom, they would help empowering their talismans.

Master Kom starts the process of creating Ruk-Yom by lighting joss sticks, reciting incantation and then he will begin to craft the small figure of young boys from the wood of Ruk Son and star gooseberry trees.

Before doing this, he has to recite an incantation over a dagger which will be used in crafting the talismans.

After that he will write a spell on the figures’ forehead, both hands, chest, and both legs.

Then he will bath his talismans in scented oil which he has already recited an incantation over. Master Kom has to recite sacred spell until a pair of talismans float on the surface of the scented oil and that can be called "Ruk-Yom".

Some masters will put the small figure of young boys in tiny bottles and recite their incantation over them until they turn face to face.

In creating Kuman Tong, these masters only use one figure and they will recite their spell over him until they have a vision of a boy coming to smile and greet them.

Yet, some masters who have very strong power will recite their incantation until they hear the voice of Kuman Tong or see the figure of Kuman Tong move.

After that they will recite the spell over him again to make them more powerful.
Three Methods of Creating and Three Kinds of Spirits

There are three ways of creating Kuman Tong.
Some masters create Kuman Tong by using soil from seven graves and combining with "Prai Kuman Dust", which is soft dust of children’s bone ash.

Kuman Tong in this category will be fierce and extremely powerful.

He can inspire both good and bad things.

The spirits inhibiting inside this Kuman Tong usually come from the graves or it might be a child spirit in the bone ash.

This kind of Kuman Tong requires good attention and worship.

The spirits inside the statue of Kuman Tong can also grow up like ordinary children.
Kuman Tong can be created by using ordinary soil or wood and inviting the good spirit of angel to inhibit inside the statue.

Kuman Tong in this kind does not always show off his power as the first one because the angel spirits do not need ordinary food to grow up.

The masters usually recite an incantation over this kind of Kuman Tong with other talismans such as a famous Kuman Tong from Laung Por Pull, Wat Pai Lom Temple.
Kuman Tong can also be created by using wood from withered trees, especially, from withered Ruk son and star gooseberry trees, because people thinks that the withered wood is sacred in itself, so there is no need to recite any incantation over.

Using the withered wood, people believe that; will make Kuman Tong more powerful and sacred. The masters put a spell on it to create a spirit inside the statue.

Therefore, the spirits inside this kind of Kuman Tong do not come from the graves or heaven but they are created by the power of the masters’ spell.

This kind of spirits can be called "Prai".

They will not grow up and always appear as children’s spirits.

The owners of this Kuman Tong may or may not worship him with food because "Prai" in this Kuman Tong will not know how to hurt anyone.

Yet, if they ignore Kuman Tong completely, the power inside the statue will gradually disappear. On the other hand, if the owners take good care of their talismans, Kuman Tong’s power will increase and he can more effectively bring the owners good luck.

These three kinds of spirits inside the statues of Kuman Tong come from difference places,
the first ones are the wandering spirit,
the second ones are from heaven,
and the last ones come from the power of the masters’ spell.
These three kinds of spirits make Kuman Tong in each school appear in different characteristics. Kuman Tong with the spirits of the graves have the strongest power, while the second ones are sacred but do not always show off their power, and the third ones sometimes appear to people’s eyes but do not have very strong power.
The Differences between Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom
Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom are always considered as the same talismans;

they belong to the same category.

Yet, they have some differences.

Both Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom are created as sacred statues of young boys, but Kuman Tong in some school is created by using soil while Ruk-Yom is made of withered wood from Ruk Son and star gooseberry trees only.

Sometimes Kuman Tong is also made of this kind of wood.

Ruk-Yom will always be created in pair as two small figures of young boys inside a tiny oil bottle while there is only one Kuman Tong in the bottle.

Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom also have the same kind of power, people will use them to watch their property, persuade customer to come to the stores, add charm, bring good luck, and protect the owners from danger.

Yet, generally the masters would recite their spell over Kuman Tong to make him more powerful than Ruk-Yom because in the past Kuman Tong were made to possess a very strong power that he could destroy the enemy.

In these days we can hardly find this kind of Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom is a talisman used to watch property and add charm to the owners.

No matter what kind of Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom you possess, if you have faith, you will experience only good things and miracle in your life.

Sacred Oil for Bathing Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom
We sometimes find Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom bathing in oil bottles.

It is because the oil can reserve the wood and people as well believe that the oil will provide Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom a life force.

If the oil evaporates, Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom will be tired and powerless.

Besides the oil as a life force, it also has a very special power to add charm to the owners.

If we recite good incantation over it and mark it on the forehead, or carry Ruk-Yom bottle with us, it will be able to add us charm.

The oil that used for bathing Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom should be well-recited sandalwood oil or bulb plant oil to make them more powerful.

Besides some masters simmer a special kind of sacred bulb plant oil such as Sanae Jun Kaw bulb plant oil, Sanea Jun Keaw bulb plant oil, and Sanea Jun Dang bulb plant oil, and recite the incantation over it and use it to bath Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom.

Some masters bring bulb plant flower such as Dok Kaw bulb plant power or Sanea bulb plant power to add in the bottle, or sometimes they use a tiny sacred Salika roll to bath with Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom in the bottle to bring more power in adding charm to Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom.
The Way to Worship Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom
Kuman Tong is sacred talisman with the power in itself.

We can worship Kuman Tong by offering him with rice, boiled egg, sweet drink, candy, and toys. Besides to make Kuman Tong more powerful, we should make a vow.

For example, you should pray that if you win the lottery, you will offer Kuman Tong gold necklace, or buy him toys, or feed him with sweet.

This action will persuade Kuman Tong to exercise his power.

Yet, if you do not have time to do all these, you can only invite Kuman Tong that he could go everywhere you go or eat anything in the house without your permission.

If you worship Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom with food, you have to do these as your routine.

You may offer them food on every the Buddhist Days of Worship only and you have to tell your Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom that you will bring them food on this or that way.

Because they are sacred spirit and hold to the truth, you have to be punctual in offering them your worship.

You should offer them food in the mornings and take it away in the evenings. Yet, other offering such as accessories like rings or necklaces, and toys can be given to him permanently.

You should be careful not to neglect offering Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom your worship.

If you are not convenient in doing so, you would better tell them that:

"You can go everywhere I go and eat everything I eat."

Because if you ignore your Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom, they will finally ignore your order and run away from you too.

Moreover if the spirit inside the statue of Kuman Tong comes from the grave, he will as well bring destructiveness to his owner, if you ignore him.

He will become an evil spirit haunting his owner, driving you crazy, and you will no longer be happy.

Therefore you should think carefully before taking Kuman Tong or Ruk-Yom to live with you. For Ruk-Yom you should set your offering in pair such as two bottles of sweet drink, two bowls of rice, two boiled eggs, and two toys, because there are two spirits inhibiting inside Ruk-Yom.

If you think you cannot worship them often you should say to them:

"You can go everywhere I go and eat everything I eat."

You could as well allow him to eat or touch anything in your house in the same way as Kuman Tong that we see above.
Special Tips in Worshiping Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom
In worshiping Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom, you should offer him with sweet drink and boiled eggs because they will make Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom more powerful.

Their shelves must be lower than the shelf that you put the image of Buddha. Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom’s shelves might be separated and thy can be set in your bedroom.

If you want to take them with you, you should bring some food in your bag and tell your Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom that this food would be their prize if they help bringing you good luck and miracle.

If you do not have much time to worship Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom everyday, you can put some money on their shelves and tell them that they could use this money to buy food or sweet. You should be careful not to use the money you have already given to Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom but you can distribute this money to make them merit, and they will be full without consuming anything.

The most important thing is that the owners of Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom have to be virtue, they should meditate too to make their Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom more powerful.
Special Tips before Taking Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom to your House
If it is the first time that you bring Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom to your house, you have to light sixteen joss sticks and tell the spirit of your house to make way from Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom.

If you have already had Kuman Tong or Ruk-Yom in your house, you have to tell them that you will bring their brothers to live with them too.

After that, you have to light two joss sticks to tell Kuman Tong his territory and introduce him to people in your family, and teach him to behave because he is not different from other young boys.

For example if you are praying or meditating, you should invite him to do these with you.

These will help Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom to be more powerful.

You have to raise Kuman Tong up as if he waas your younger brothers or child.

You need to teach him and take good care of him, and Kuman Tong will love and help you in anyway.

If you ignore him or treat him badly Kuman Tong will run away to live with his master.

You can make him more powerful by worship him everyday.

And if you make a vow and pray for him, he would give you what you want.

The most important thing is that you should not forget to make him merit every time.

People in the past created Kuman Tong because they thought that every child had charm in themselves as we could see when people saw a child they would always come to greet, smile, and play with him.

When they made Kuman Tong in a figure of a young boy, they believed that the power of charm inside Kuman Tong would add charm to his owner.

The most significant thing is that the owner of Kuman Tong has to smile and clear his mind like a child; this will surely make him more charming.
Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom’s Lucky Names
You need special tips in setting Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom their particular names such as Jook, as well as when we first bring them to your house. You can recite this incantation:
Na Ma Nung Sa Ma So
Yut Ta To
Yut ta ta
by the name of sacred monks, I will call you ‘Name’.
Na Mung Sun Tung Wiklung Ka Rung."

And then tell them that: "From now on I’ll call you ‘Name’.

Please remember this and when I call you by this name, come to me.

" You can call them with lucky names such as Prasittilap, or Prasittichoke.

It should be beautiful names which are also easy to remember and to call too.

When you take Kuman Tong to live with you, please do not consider him as your play thing because he will gradually lose his power.

If you have faith and keep worshiping good things, even miracle is possible.
How to Use Kuman Tong
The owner of Kuman Tong can use his special power by using his mind;

he does not need to carry the statue of Kuman Tong that he is worshipping with him.

What you need to do is that if you are leaving the house and you need your Kuman Tong to go with you, you should tell him that:

"Please follow me, I’m leaving the house."

If you want him to protect you in case of danger, just tell him.

And if you Kuman Tong or Ruk-Yom is in the bottle filled with sandalwood oil, you can make a pray and mark the oil on you body to make you appear more attractive to the opposite sex.

If you want Kuman Tong to watch your property or to accompany you everywhere, you have to tell him.

Some people say that they have worshiped and raised Kuman Tong up for many years, but they have never seen their Kuman Tong in person.

That makes them doubt in the power of Kuman Tong.

It is impossible that every owner of Kuman Tong can see him in person because Kuman Tong is a spirit; he is a delicate wave of power and lives in another world.

Therefore, if you can see Kuman Tong it means that you and your Kuman Tong have the same fate. Many people communicate with their Kuman Tong through their dream.

The owners have to pray for Kuman Tong everyday if they wish to communicate with him.

The most effective way to communicate with Kuman Tong is meditation, but it requires a lot of effort.

People who practice meditation will modify the power of their minds to have the same mode with Kuman Tong spirit and they can communicate with Kuman Tong and other spirits.

It is difficult to communicate with Kuman Tong directly.

People who could do this must have powerful but delicate mind.

Yet, it is not hard to use Kuman Tong because he always wants to help us.

The most important thing is that the owners must worship and treat him well.

If they ignore their Kuman Tong, the spirit inside the statue will lose his power and run away from them.

It is true that Kun Pan had a very powerful Kuman Tong but it is nor because the black magic of the talisman only.

The most significant thing was that Kun Pan treated Kuman Tong as his own son.

He did not consider Kuman Tong as another talisman.

Therefore we should take Kuman Tong as our child or our friend, power of Kuman Tong will surely increase.
The Power of Kuman Tong
The great masters have concluded the power of Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom in these ways:
He can watch the house for his owners when they are away and warn them in case of danger.
He is a spirit which could help to solve difficulties in the owners’ business.
He could help you get useful news and information in your business. In this point the owners must have strong mind in order to develop a kind of telepathy with Kuman Tong. He could also whisper to the mind of his owner to warn him in case of danger. Sometimes Kuman Tong comes to talk to you in your dream and sometimes through a medium.
He will protect you from danger, disaster, and evil spirit.
He could be a weapon used to destroy the enemy. Nowadays we can hardly find any kind of Kuman Tong who has this power. But, sometimes Kuman Tong can help us to stay away from danger and people who want to destroy us.
He could add you charm.
He can bring you good luck.
He can increase advantage in your business by inviting the customers to your stores.
Miraculous Experiences from People who Worship Kuman Tong
Mr. Tuarae Chenyim reveals that his restaurant runs well because of Kuman Tong. He has a very good experience with Kuman Tong. Everybody in Thailand knows him as a famous comedian and he is also the owner of "Tuarae Kitchen" an awesome restaurant in Sanam Bin Nam. His "pork spicy curry noodle" is very deficient; everyone who ever tastes it will never forget the unique taste. Mr. Taurae says that he has opened this restaurant for four months only but he has a lot of money from this business and all day long there are a lot of customers in his restaurant. He believes that it may because of he is a celebrity, but his reputation is only 30 per sent and the rest is the quality of the food that make his restaurant famous. He also reveals us his top secret that besides his effort and his service mind, Kuman Tong has helped him to get wealthy. Mr. Taurae’s Kuman Tong is different from ordinary Kuman Tong because his Kuman Tong’s spirit inhibits in a baby doll that he found somewhere in his restaurant. At first he heard a voice calling him father; he turned and saw a lovely doll, so he decided to keep it with him. In the evening he heard the same voice again saying that: "Father, I will help you run this business." Mr. Tuarae raises his Kuman Tong up by telling him that he can eat and touch anything but he must behave and keep the room tidy. Sometimes Mr. Taurae worships Kuman Tong with sweet drink, candy, and toy. Before he opens the restaurant, he will light 3 joss sticks for the Buddha and another 5 joss sticks to worship the spirit of the house and Kuman Tong. For him, he believes in miracle and mystical power. He has faith in Kuman Tong and the Circle of Life in Buddhism. Mr Taurae says that the most important thing is that we must not live a careless life. People need faith but at the same time they have to be virtue and keep developing their skills. He believes that the reason why he is quite successful in this restaurant business is because he is good in trade and the sacred power brings him good luck. Miss Luck… the Kuman Tong Worshipper Miss Luck is another one who loves to worship Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom. She has worshipped many Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom from various schools such as the famous Kuman Tong from Master Kong’s school. When she started to worship them, she always dreamt about children. Yet, the strangest thing is that many people have seen a young boy with topknot hair in her house although she says that there is nobody there. Another miraculous thing is that she needs no one to watch her store, because she believes that Kuman Tong can help her take care of the store very well, and it is very strange that her store has never been robbed. Miss Luck also tells us that nowadays there are a lot of beautiful gold necklaces that her friends have given to her most powerful Kuman Tong from Laung Por Tae’s temple. Her friends prayed for her Kuman Tong and he made their wishes come true, so they brought him these gold necklaces. She says that Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom from Master Kong always appear to her family. She would always bring Ruk-Yom with her all the time because she believes that they would add her charm and bring her good luck.
The Wisdom Hidden in Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom
Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom are made in the shape of young boys. The masters in the past did not create them in adult figure because they believed that young children possessed the power of charm in them, and children’s mind is clean and easily to be taught unlike the solid mind of the adult. The great masters have created Kuman Tong in various positions. Some of them can stand on their own or some sucking an umbilical cord. For Kuman Tong in the statue of a young boy who can stand on his two legs would be about 2-3 years old. The masters in the past believed that the children naturally had power of charm. Everybody loved them, kept nourishing them, and would forgive them if they misbehaved. For Kuman Tong who appears as a fetus sucking umbilical cord, the great masters created Kuman Tong in this position to stand for the symbol of typical care and attention. The mother would advocate her love for the child more than usual in this state, so that she can die for her child. This symbol represents the extreme power of charm. The wisdoms behind the creation of Kuman Tong come directly from nature and everyday life. When the great masters who are inspired by these wisdoms, have created this talismans, they can bring good things and even miracle to their lives and people who worship their talismans. Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom have to be created in the figure of young boys because when we worship and carry them with us, we will make other people love us as if we were their sons. The power of Kuman Tong will make the authorities love us and provide us more advantage. This is the reason why Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom become very famous talismans.
The Incantation Used in Creating Kuman Tong
su wan no
pi ya ku ma ro
ma ha poo to
ma hit ti go
sup pa ti sae su wat ta go
sup pa ka mae su ko ja ro
sup pa chae na nung ha ta yae
ma ha tae cho pra wat ti go
rut ta na ta ya nu pa wae na
rut ta na ta ya tae ya sa
te wa nung –
it ti pa lae na
ku ma ro
ja ma hit ti go.

This incantation means that: "Kuman Tong, the king of all the spirits, who has the extreme power, could travel in every direction to everywhere, and to everyone’s mind. With the power of the Three Gems and sacred angels, I wish you have the strongest power.
The Incantation Used in Ordering Kuman Tong
Kud cha ma ha poo to
Sa ma nud sa so
sa tae wa go
ka ro hi
pi to
wad ja nae na
sum pun nae na
pra sit ti ya.

This spell means that: "Kuman Tong who has a strong power of all angels and men, may you please obey my order." After reciting this incantation, you could tell your Kuman Tong what you desire.
The Incantation Used in Creating Charming Kuman Tong
Ma ta ya ta ni yung put tung
a yu sa
ae ka put ta ma nu ruk kae
a wum pi
sup pa poo tae ma na sum pa wa yer pa ri ma nung
After reciting this incantation 3 times, you then pray in your mind that:
"Mother loves the only child in her womb with her life, let there be the same kind of love everywhere." After this you can make a wish.
For example, if you are going to see anyone, you can call his name and wish him to love and please you.
With the power of Lord Buddha, Kuman Tong and Ruk-Yom, you will get what you want.
The Incantation Used in Making the Opposite Sex Love You
If you want Kuman Tong to help you make any man and woman, who you are interesting in, love you. You can recite this incantation:
Pi yo tae wa ma nud sa nung
pi yo prom ma nu mut ta mo
pi yo na ka su pun na nung
pi nin si yung na ma mi hung
Recite this incantation 3 times, and you will appear more attractive in other people’s eyes.

GMT, post taken from another forum.

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but i would like to clear some doubts in ppl minds that Gmts are cute, helpful and harmless…they arent harmless. Yes they will take very good care of their owners/parents but if you cross them as a third party, they can wreak havoc. They have abilities and powers most ppl dont realise. Yes the buchas are somewhat ‘cute’ but dont judge a book by its cover.

If you have a real gmt and dont take care of him, you can get into serious trouble. I just want to break the veil of ignorance here which is that ppl think gmt’s are harmless and are there just to help their parents have a smooth sailing life.In return, the parents try to accumulate good karma for them. No thats not all, Gmts can become unmanageable if not cared for properly and some can even hurt you.

Ppl in Thailand give great respect to Gmts because they know their powers and abilities better. i know for a fact that Gmts can even travel overseas and help a friend of yours with a pressing problem and return back home within the day.

They can even take revenge for you and yank someone’s shoulder out of its socket if they feel that you are in danger They can do many things but all i want to point out is that if ppl think that they are harmless and adopt them just for ‘fun’ or because they are ‘cute’ and later give them up, and if they actually have a real Gmt, be prepared for hell to pay for cause there will be trouble….

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Gumanthong Child Ghost spirit from Thailand

Lucky boy, Gold Boy