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KB Thammamunee / KB Dharmamuni – Khun Paen KamMaSoot (Strong Sex)

Posted in Amulet,Katha Mantra by buddhanirvana on April 25, 2010

Khun Paen KamMaSoot – Win in love and in battle or Sexual reproduction.
On the front showed Khun Paen and two women.

Nude Khun Paen with the two women without cloth sitting beside him.

The two women touched his penis.

The upper part has Yonee and penis represented the balancing of the universe.
In the world, there are man and woman, the symbolic of the origin of everything and was born in everything.

It’s not absurd accounts or lower accounts.
Everyone was born with this.

From the toe upward or the hair downward, this is a middle thing, isn’t low or high.
So dont look down on yourself.

KB blessed every night until three years in KB Thammamunee’s Guti by mixed material such as Wahn Dokthong, Wahn Saolong, Wahn Salicalinthong, Wahn Nangkhum, Wahn Dinsorlersi, Gafakrak, Gafakmarum, Gan Kanoontaiprai, Gan Mayomtaiprai.
In addition, with soil from the middle of market of 9 markets, Din Pong 9 Pong.

It will bring Metta Maha Saney to the opposite sex.
Also suits with timid person.
It’s good for negotiation and trading.
It can bring Metta Mahaniyom to people.

According to KB, Pong KamMaSoot powder is magical because it is Pong Arthan Mahasaney.

If we bring this Pong with making a wish to the one you love, and rub on your face and then go to the one you love.

When he saw you, he will feel want to make love with you.
That’s the power of this Pong that was called Pong KamMaSoot.
In ancient Thai nite girls used this wahn for sex business.


Na Ma Pa Ta

I Ti Pu Ri

Rak Kha Nat Tang

Na Ma Mi Hang

(x 12)


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