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Rare Sivali JokBart

Posted in Amulet by buddhanirvana on April 24, 2010

Material: Black-lacquer-based paste mixed with holy powder / coated with black lacquer & pasted with gold leaves

Wat ChanaSongkram, Early 2490s
Lots of professional collectors determined the age of the Wat ChanaSongkram’s Sivalis of some 80-90 years, that means they were made and blessed in mid-Ratanakosin period because of the trace of lacquering and gold-leaf pasting techniques, meanwhile some veteran professionals concluded that they were made and blessed in early 2490s by Phra DhamThasnathorn, the then Abbot of Wat ChanaSongkram.

The term "Sivali JokBart" (please see the pic below) means Sivali is having his meal which implies abundance of food and prosperity.
The above rare Sivali JokBart was made with a mixture paste of holy powder and

Chinese black lacquer, it was coated with pure black lacquer and topped with gold leaves.

The Sivali was blessed by many famous post-war Gurus, such as LP Phra DhamThasnathorn, Wat ChanaSongkram; LP Nak, Wat Rakang; LP Sod, Wat Paknam; PhraKru ArkomSunthron (Ma), Wat Suthas; ChaoKhun Sri (Sondh), Wat Suthas; Acharn Sa, Wat RajNadda; ChaoKhun Jia, Wat PhraChetuphon; PhraKru IndraSmacharn, Wat Indraram; Phra Kru VinaiSangworn, Wat Prayurawong; PhraKru VisitViharnkarn, Wat ChanaSongkram; etc.

LP Phra DhamThasnathorn was a senior great Dhamma-practice monk, he and LP Sod of Wat Paknam were close friends and respected each other for their ultra Dhamma practices.


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