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LP Chong NangKwak + MaeBhosop

Posted in Amulet by buddhanirvana on April 24, 2010

Wat NatangNok, Early 2490s
The above amulet if looks hastily, it may be determined as a high-aged LP Niam’s stuff because it’s of lead-tin amulet and there is a hole for stringing on the top, but actually it’s of LP Chong’s, Wat Natangnok of early 2490s. LP Chong’s lead-tin amulet with a top hole can also be found in his lead-tin rian of which the front side is LP Chong half-body image and the reverse side is Phra SibDhas, but this is a late 2490s stuff.

The above rare lead-tin NangKwak and MaeBhosop was created & blessed by LP Chong in early 2490s.

Most of us know NangKwak very well, she is a god of Wealth & Fortune, meanwhile lots still don’t know MaeBhosop. MaeBhosop is a god of crops, one of her hand holding an ear of rice, she is the symbol of abundance and prosperity.

LP Chong has been highly respected as a top great Guru of the country, he was an expert of Buddhistic magics, attained ultra Dhamma, and widely admired as a Guru monk of great Metta; even LP Parn, Wat Bang Nomkho, had admired him as Golden monk. The two–LP Chong and LP Parn are close friends of each other, they have same teachers– LP Paan of Wat Pikul and LP Soon of Wat BangPlamoh.

LP Chong finished highest Dhamma of PatiSamphithaYarn, so he could shorten a long distance and reach any destination at a short time. LP Chong made amulets of many types, such as mini statues, Yantra jackets, Phayants, and medals of various types; all have been proved by people and soldiers in WWII for their high efficacies on Klaew Klaad and Metta.

LP Chong passed away at the age of 93 on Makha Boochar day of Feb 17, B.E. 2508, which hinted us his extremely great monkhood status.


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