Buddha nirvana

GMT, post taken from another forum.

Posted in Amulet,Gumanthong by buddhanirvana on April 23, 2010

but i would like to clear some doubts in ppl minds that Gmts are cute, helpful and harmless…they arent harmless. Yes they will take very good care of their owners/parents but if you cross them as a third party, they can wreak havoc. They have abilities and powers most ppl dont realise. Yes the buchas are somewhat ‘cute’ but dont judge a book by its cover.

If you have a real gmt and dont take care of him, you can get into serious trouble. I just want to break the veil of ignorance here which is that ppl think gmt’s are harmless and are there just to help their parents have a smooth sailing life.In return, the parents try to accumulate good karma for them. No thats not all, Gmts can become unmanageable if not cared for properly and some can even hurt you.

Ppl in Thailand give great respect to Gmts because they know their powers and abilities better. i know for a fact that Gmts can even travel overseas and help a friend of yours with a pressing problem and return back home within the day.

They can even take revenge for you and yank someone’s shoulder out of its socket if they feel that you are in danger They can do many things but all i want to point out is that if ppl think that they are harmless and adopt them just for ‘fun’ or because they are ‘cute’ and later give them up, and if they actually have a real Gmt, be prepared for hell to pay for cause there will be trouble….


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