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Bpricha Khoom Thuam alias Phit Pidta

Posted in Amulet by buddhanirvana on April 23, 2010

Bpricha Khoom Thuam alias Phit Pidta and Director Of Phra Pidta Wat Saphan Soong who is the owner of a restaurant.He collected and wear Phra Pidta Wat Saphan Soong almost 1000 pieces.

Before when anyone gave him an amulet he will encase and wear it.From the very first day,he wore only 1 but now he wore nearly 1000 pieces which weight 10 kg.
He displayed openly by wearing outside his shirt to let you see being a real Thai although it may occurred peculiar to foreign.Especially so when normally they only see majority of Thai wear only 1 on their neck.

He is considered different from all others amulets experts too.The amulets experts will keep it at home.If they got amulets in good condition they will let go those condition which are not that good.They will only keep those good condition one.They will also keep Phra Pidta of other temples too.

Mr Phit Pidta mainly wear Phra Pidta LPhoo Yiam,LPhoo Glin and LPhaw Tong Suk.He declared that,"Even if many of my friends thought that I am crazy but it’s of the minority compare to those who look with admiration and give me a simile.Some who walked passed will turn back to take a look.

Every time I helped in the merit making event I will wear my amulets outside my shirt similar to the village chief in the past.Anyone who see me will come over to ask me to take a picture and some will ask to wear to take a picture too.

Alot of them were pleased that I have the most Phra Pidta Wat Saphan Soong."
He also mentioned that owing to the fact that Phra Pidta LPhoo Yiam Wat Saphan Soong is one of the top best 5 or Phra Pidta Benjapakee,the collectors dream of the owning the real piece.However,it’s more difficult than searching for a needle in the sea.
If they can’t get Phra Pidta LPhoo Yiam they will aim for LPhoo Glin who is the next Abbot and if they also can’t get it then they will aim for Phra Pidta LPhaw Tong Suk.

There is a belief that they are the same in power and efficacy,the top best in Metta Maha Niyom.

Uncle Phit is really a real Thai of the country.


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