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Somdej Phra Phuttacharn (Toh Promarungsri)

Posted in Buddhist monk by buddhanirvana on April 18, 2010

Period: Rattankosin
Born: 1788 (B.E.2331)
Birthplace: Kamphaeng Phet province
(North of Thailand)
Ordained as novice: 1801 (B.E.2344) : 13 years
Ordained as monk: 1809 (B.E.2352) : 21 years
Pass Away: 1872 (B.E.2415)
From: Wat Rakhang Kositaram, Bangkok
and Wat Bangkonphrom, Bangkok
Miracles of Luang Somdej Phra Phuttacharn (Toh Promrungsri)
Somdej Phra Phuttacharn (Toh Promarungsri) or Somdej Toh studied Dharma and Pali language with several Buddhist masters. After becoming a well-known monk, he became the preceptor for Prince Mongkut, later King Rama IV.
King Rama IV built royal place named “Phra Nakhon Kiree” in Petchburi province and had a celebrated ceremony in May, 1862. When Somdej Toh came back to Bangkok, the sea had storm. He came out to stand in front of a boat and waved his hand. Then the sea becomes calm for a moment.
Once time had a “Kow Phra Chedi Sai (Build small sand pagoda) tradition” at Wat Rakhang Kositaram. That day was going to have a hardly rain. All people were afraid that it rains, then they informed Somdej Toh. He waved his hand and said “fall the elsewhere”. It’s miracle that the rain goes fall in the other place.
Somdej Toh was noted for the skill of his preaching and his use of Thai poetry to reflect the beauty of Buddhism. He is a top guru monks of Thailand who made “Phra Somdej” in Thailand. All amulets are blessed by himself and other top monks in Thailand. After few years Phra Buddhacharn Toh was shift to Wat Bangkonphrom.
Somdej Toh minister in every observance of precepts pilgrimages are eat in the monk’s alms-bowl, hold three clothes to go out the jungle, visit the graveyard, Meditation,
Walk back and forth (Thai Buddhist call “Jong Krom”) until he pass away at the age 84 years.
Real miracle experience from worshipper
Mr.Pleung JamSai worked at State Railway of Thailand. He was 25 years old. While he was checking the north train which just finished building at Amphur Baan Mae Pin, Phrae province. While the train was turn over, he slipped off from this rain. He failed at sidewalk. But he was safety. He said that he has only Phra Somdej which he worship with himself. He believed that he was safety because LP Toh Somdej helped him.


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