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Luang Pu Thuad

Posted in Buddhist monk by buddhanirvana on April 18, 2010


Period: Ayutthaya
Born: 1582 (B.E.2125)
Birthplace: Suan Chan Village,
Sathing Phra in Songkla province
(Southern of Thailand)
Ordained as novice: 1597 (B.E.2140)
: 15 years
Ordained as monk: 1602 (B.E.2145)
: 20 years
Pass Away: Passing away was not certain
From: Wat Phra Khoh, Song Kla province
and Wat Chang Hai, Pattani Province
Miracles of Luang Pu Thuad
When Luang Pu Thuad was a baby, his mother saw a large snake curled.
around the child’s cradle. She was very frightened. However, with an old belief that this snake
might be the Buddha’s created vision, they prayed to the snake and offered flowers and rice.
To their surprise, the snake did not harm their child and spit out a crystal ball beside baby’s neck. In miracle, the baby was still asleep with a crystal ball that emits rainbow colors. Even today, the crystal ball is still installed as Wat Phra Kho in Songkla with many stories of its miracles.

Luang Pu Thuad was able to turn sea water into fresh water !!!

Three years of his monkhood, Bikkhu PU (formerly name of LP Thuad) wanted to further his studies of Buddhist scriptures in Ayutthaya. Three days after sailing off the sea, suddenly storm and rough sea starts to rock the boat. The boat had to be anchored till the sea becomes calm before proceeding with their journey again. During this hard times, they consumed all of the fresh water as well as foods. All crews blamed Bikkhu PU that he brought bad luck and wanted to expel him down from the ship. Then he dipped his foot into the sea to draw a circle and told the crews to fetch fresh drinking water from the sea from where he circled with his feet. The crews then perform what was told and tasted the water himself, after satisfying his doubts and found to be drinkable like normal fresh water. Soon after sufficient fresh water were collected and stored for the rest of the journey, they proceed with their interrupted journey. After realizing the ability of Bikkhu PU, all on board kneeled down to beg their pardon from him.
LP Thuad had spent his life spreading the Dhamma for benefiting the people without impartiality. Lastly, he took leave from Wat Phra Khoh along with a young novice to preach Dhamma and helped people at various places in the South up to Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. His second permanent residence was at Wat Changhai, Pattani. LP Thuad died in Malaysia but his date of passing away was not certain. His body was brought back to Wat Chang Hai. The annual festival to pay respect to his bone and ashes is in April. At Wat Chang Hai, visitors can pay respect during 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

Real Miracle Experience From Worshipper

“My husband is a staff of State Railway of Thailand. He work with big machine every day. On June 10, 2002 he works at the factory which full of oil and sharp tools around there. While he was walking, he stumbled with rubber tube. He had fall down. His colleagues saw this event and afraid that he will prick by sharp tools. But it was very surprised. He was safety. Only his mouth and teeth was broken. His necklace was broken but all 3 amulets are safety. He saw LP Thuad’s trace on his breast. He felt that LP Thuad had helped him. When he came back and talked with his family, his family believed that LP Thuad help him.”


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