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A basis for understanding spiritual realms (Somdej, Guman, Barrang a.s.o)

Posted in Amulet by buddhanirvana on April 16, 2010

I have a little time today and as many people are asking about spirits Guman Thong, Barrang amulets and
– how the results are having them
– why having them
– how they work
– why some feel them and some not
– why (faj says) Spirit from this monk is good and from that monk dangerous…
I thought to put something together for a basic understanding of dealing with spirits and how they work. For that you have to promise to put as much work in my little post here as I put in,- in order to write it – so that you understand the matter. I promise it will answer some of the questions you ever wanted to know in the case you are interested in Thai (or other culture) amulet and hope it raises more question who stimulates your interest in the matter.
In order to gain this understanding you have to put your imagination in a little example I state. (Please – its just an example and therfor not fit to a certain person – and certainly not to me either). It is further my intention to warn people and to cheer them for more meditational or prayer praxis in life –but well, most of this is based on my own experience on my journey due life and might differ form person to person and from conscious to conscious of the individual.
Ok imagine following example ( a model of the spiritual world):
There are different realms (not realities !) lets say we call our ‘life on earth realm’ the basisrealm while there are 7 realms upwards (imgine them like layers) and 7 realms downwards (of course there could be 225 or such but its just an example to explain the function of spirit and amulet).
A human individual living on the basisrealm is not One (Buddhas teaching is that there is no ‘I’ or ‘Me’ neiter a ‘You’ which is one of the ultimate truth) even if you convinced what you feel consciously is you, there are more parts with or on ‘your’ soul which are just hanging there and together they form the ‘I’ or the ‘You’.
For example we have Mr. X. He is a good person, he likes children, as he has a own family, and is taking care good of them – but sometimes, once he looses control, he can get very aggressive. It happens that he kicked a person on the ground nearly to death once he have been young, just couldn’t stop it.
He has a normal sexual life but at times he just let go in phantasies watching rape movies at the internet or such, what he realizes is that there are times when he does that in a excessive way and times when doesn’t care at all. Sometimes he likes to lie in order to avoid dangerous situations. And he tend to be very greedy as he loves to be rich and powerful.
With this example I would like to show that one can say that not all parts of Mr. X (in a spiritual sense) might be Mr. X’s real core (soul) but it could be that demons are hanging on him in order to enjoy what Mr. X lets getting aggressive, or living his unlawful phantasies. and for example driving him due to his pending aggresion much further than he would like to go .. maybe killing somebody … the result will be what I call later … he gets heavier.
In how far those parts are demons in form of an own entity or Mr. X himself is hard to figure out, but one get aware more and more due to meditational praxis or due to psychotherapy , we are all having weaknesses which are easy open us to the use of a demon (of the same vibe), which over exceeds those weakness till it might go out of our own (conscious) control …with the goal to make us more heavy … .
Back to our example about the layers of realms. Similar to our Basisrealm there are higher realms where are gods, angeles, devas even higher developed former human beings are residing.
And there are lower realms, where are also beings exist – like ghosts and demons.
Like one might see easily, that the words used for the entities who exist in the higher or lower realm are combined with a positive (angel) or a negative (demon) suggestion.
Basically it is more correct (and easier to understand) if you call
* the higher beings the ‘lighter beings ‘ – the higher you get in realm the lighter they become (in vibe),
* and the lower being you call the ‘heavier beings’ (the lower you get the heavier they get till to the final and death matter).
It is that it happens that human beings on our basic realm are sometimes ‘finding’ a door (coincidentally or by meditation or spiritual life) and move up to higher realms (temporarily) – getting lighter, or moving down to lower realms – getting heavier. (its like a door opens into a narrow lift).
The teachings of the Giants of the world (how I love to call them) show us many ways to become lighter, and therfor enable us to communication with beings in higher realms through such an open door.
Why it is so difficult to find an opening, there are many reasons and therefor I will give an example.
In order to communicate, you have to have the same (for higher beings lighter) vibes which lets you swing in the same pace – this has to be true for at least a parital part of your being mind or spirit which has to have this level – on the other hand it might be that[or] the higher being has partial vibes of lower level. This areas come together for ‘communication’ or experience.
What you need else is the ability to understand this communication with your brain, as many higher beings would love to give you the knowledge (path to enlightenment, plan for nuclear fusion) which they have, but you just wouldn’t understand, if your brain-abillities are not done fur such kind of information and therfor they won’t bother (.. to come to you).
Yet again other higher beings are just doesn’t want to bother with you, as they are disgusted (because of the deeds you do and the convictions you have). This mostly is recognized due to the vibe you spread and not due to moral. Most beings who ‘talk’ with humans, have been humans on a former realm therfor they can adapt their own vibes easier and low enough in order to get in contact.
That’s why some people have experience without even practising, as it just depends on the vibes we have.
If you get angry why some of the higher entities are so ‘arrogant’ or ‘ignorant’, being distgusted to get in contact with you, just imagine a little example.
One have to understand that in order to get in ‘contact’, the mind (or conscious, or spirits) overlaps with each other and you even might get more information or expressions as you would prefer to get –as there is fluiding more than just words and the process differs from verbal communication.
An entity who got in contact with you knows what it wants to know as long it is able to understand – and even more than that, it even comes in touch with vibes of you it doesn’t want to -even keeping secrets would be very difficult …during such a process.
There are beings never incarnated in our basis realm before – they just won’t understand your way of thinking or your doubts , demanding things from you which might be not easy or insane to do.
‘Let back everything – your house, your family and follow my call …….’
Take an experience for example where your conscious overlaps with that of a maggot eating rotting flesh (a being of the lower realms of conscious) – I am sure you will turn distgusted away – some experiences would be just so strange that they not fit and therfor not communicate (the experience of a stone for example.) maybe driving you mad.
In the same way you would want to avoid such experiences thesame goes for the lighter beings not wanting to have contact with you.
There are even that kind of lighter beings which are so powerful and light that they would destroy your physical body and therefor they won’t come to you, as they don’t want to cause your extinction or making you physically sick.


So, as there are many teaching how to become lighter the question remains how we come lower [heavier]and why we even would want that?
The answer is – if we not move a linear (and often boring and fixed life) in our Basisrealm, you go lower by life experience, due to experience like hatered, broken hearts, delusion.
There are direct ways to get heavier e.g. excessive drugabuse, sex orgies….[its a hint similar to black magic practise of the west]
Mostly we end up then weakend and vulnerable… in a sense of giving up and being humble, admitting we are overwhelmed needing help, being on the ground.
Due to this – we get heavy, heavier, heaviest and while we are becoming that, other spirits of the lower realm just jump on us ‘while we pass by’ even pulling us lower and making us heavier in a quicker pace. Why are they doing that?
Imagine a bright, powerful angel with a mind so clear like a crystal, full of love, will get in contact with you (visual or mental) – how would you react? How would you feel?
Wouldn’t you want to clinch on this ‘heavenly’ being to raise with it in highest levels of consciousness having experience, abilities and knowledge you never could dream of?
Well the same do the lower beings with you, hoping to develop and having through you experiences, experience they never dreamed of e.g. real rape in flesh matter or at least due your mental abilities of phantasy. (in case for a evil demon). And maybe useful experience like helping somebody due to compassion and love – which creates vibes for getting lighter
It has to be noticed that we are not able to shake those spirits off as easy as beings of the higher (lighter) realms are shaking us off, but it is doable
Here I have to put in two more explanations as they might contradict
1. ‘shaking off” easy or not easy is relative … to shake a lower being of you have to stop the deeds or tendencies or thoughts which attracts this being …. so shaking off is as easy or as hard you are able to stop that what attracts it
2. The impression that higher beings wants to have nothing to do with you entirely is not correct – there are many who are very interested in our realm and experience, and some who are helping selfless – without you even clinching to much.
I have to put in here that when I speak about lower being I don’t mean only EVIL beings. There are very evil beings but also more or less good, at least very useful beings in the lower realm as there are in the higher realm.
Not every higher being will lead you ‘to a good end’, out of your very own view and not
every heavy being is evil – or even want to jump on you … .. only some and mostly such
who fit to your pattern. (‘seeing’ some heavy vibes of you harmonizing with theirs.)
So in order to explain why we drop or even would like to drop. While we are dropping low the landing is often very soft, – most softer than we would have expected, fighting against the drop, being afraid of the worst.
Once comming humble to the sight ‘we are done’ – there are many well-meaning beings of the higher realms who are able and spread with their abilities over more realms (even to such lower than ours) and starting to nurture us – giving us fresh power to grow yet again – yet to become once more strong enough to pull now more lower spirits of the heavier realms with us, transforming the good parts of them – or even being able to shake them off.
Thats the job my friends … a process of purification
Another easy reason why some like to drop is, because it is easier to use the demons on heavier realm to practise black magic – for a high price of course.
There is further an explanation why (if you are experienced) the advanced level of meditation or prayer are getting more and more difficult, and why you get haunted from beings (often even evil ones as they are the heaviest guys) of the lower realms during making positive progress.
They are afraid you will shake them of, as you get lighter due to practise – therfor pulling on you to throw you back (sadly often successfully) is a way to avoid that.
As the heaviest beings fall off first – such are most the evil ones also torturing you with horrible visions and temptations of your weakest point.
So now to the amulets and monks.
Sacred amulets, like Buddha amulet e.g. Somdej or – as there was a poster who said instead of a Guman Thong he got a Pim of Wat Paknam – such items are items of the lighter (higher realm).
If you are upset that such an item gives you no experience – it is just- because you are not able to come in contact with such powers which are blessing you from a very high realm. For the used example LP Sodh’s pim demands meditational practise from you and is VERY, VERY helpful to get in contact with incredible high deities.
A (real) Guman or Barrang amulet is often easier to have experience with, than with such a sacred object. Therefor we should worship and honour the higher amulets always, even if we feel nothing.
Don’t forget they make you a little lighter.
So what happens to such amulets and how they differ, or at all: what does it mean, if we possess them (or they possess us) and where does it leads?
Classic real Guman Thong and Khun Paen and Hoon Payon or other Barrang are all deities of the lower realms ( you can count LP Jeuds bug amulet also to that group).
It is very difficult to decide what the amulets are, and what results they cause, as only the master himself, who has done them knows really what he did.
Most dangerous are those items of ‘masters’ who got in contact with a deity of the lower realms and just confuse that with enlightenment – creating amulets for their disciples, leading them astray even without realizing his deeds as he or her is in delusion too.
So for example you get a Guman Thong, a spirit of lower realm, maybe never have been born already or with experience of interrupted birth, but close to human vibes.
Such a spirit can be very helpful to us as it has gifts and knowledge you might not have and as it serves you (making your material live easier and protecting you and your family) in order to develop itself with the experience of your life … maybe even becoming a part of you or a member of your family… (depends case to case).

That’s the deal, but surely you should learn from what I have written till now that:
1. freeing the Guman due to thinking in a way: “oh the poor Guman Thong wants to be free, so I will free it that it can incarnate again, and I gain merrit for freeing it’, which means in reality that you are scared or just too lazy to pull through what you went in, without much thinking and you want to get rid of the responsibility.
Freeing in this way means you are trying to push the spirit back to its lower realms without experience or any merritual gains. Don’t be to sure that the spirit leaves you – only due to destroying the physical body (amulet). They can clinch at you in the same way other demons can and do already, but now they might distrust you, trying experience you won’t hope for.
The best way is to do the hard work to develop lighter and lighter due to prayer, merrit gains and meditational practise. Working on your personalitiy to shake of dark sides (demons of the lower realm, who are holding you back).
Even better for most is NOT TO GET THAT KIND OF SPIRIT. But it depends on your own personality, as others who get them get lead to extraordinary effort in meditational practise and accumulated merrits due to united efforts of good deeds.
2. Freeing a Guman or Lukok or other spirit, because it is a spirit forced into the amulet in order to be caught in the lower realm (e.g. lady who died due pregnancy, children who die, aborted children a.s.o), only in order to serve you as slaves, would be a better deed in this sense of gaining merrits but can be very dangerous, as you don’t know how the outcome will be. Much better is not to get such items as they mostly put a bad habit (greed or sexual phantasies) into concrete in the meaning of the matter of this word. Heavy and rigid..
Repeating this again and again in order to bring you to lower realms – lets say for example to the behaviour of an animal (thats said without the intention blaming the poor animals for their natural behaviour).
This comparission shows us a little where the difference lies between spirit and spirit or master and master, and how hard it is to meddle the way through for clear view.
Pointing out the danger of getting many (real) spirit (of the lower realm) means that the weight of the spirits (heaviness) pulls us down into the lower realm, and we (hopefully) might be able to pull them through life – but if their weight is to heavy it is very questionable that you are able to incarnate in human realm (let alone a higher one) with that many spirits and demons weighting down ‘your’ soul.
You will loose the war of fighting off spirits of yourself (yourself is what you have been once you incarnated this life – which was a quite acceptable being, able to incarnate) short after you die and your merrits (lighter energy) just ends and have to be recollected again. Some could even end up to become Guman (ha ha ha) with all its risk in order to develop higher.
Now imagine, you get a Mum/Dad who loves to develop many Guman together and adopt you, not seeing your weight of your life before … will you go lighter or heavier, will they succeed or will they go down with you, would you be happy if they free you because they suddenly get lazy to collect merrits for themself and for you … always with the knowledge, you can sink even more heavier and more deeper.
The only point of getting deeper or getting heavier spirits is to get some help of material live, helping each other to gain merrits . Beside of that being low for experiencing – the sweet part of getting help of higher deities who take care and heal us then. But isn’t this the same as taking a hammer knocking on ones own knee in order to get the doctors attention?!?!
Be sure being heavy means suffering out of our current view.
It is the nature of the matter that this place won’t be enough to get all clear, and I do not know everything of it anyway – being a seeker of my own.
But I thought it to be important to know for people meddling with spirits – which includes me too and answers some questions in how far a spirit is good or bad for you or me.
As for a summary: getting a sacred amulet like a Wat Paknam amulet is quite a blessing even if you feel nothing and no spirit – collecting many of them can’t harm in any way – while meddling with (TO MANY) spirits can be quite more dangerous than one might imagine.


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