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White Elephant Of The Mountain And A Guru Master In The Midst Of Forest

Posted in Buddhist monk by buddhanirvana on April 15, 2010

Name:Phra Atigan Wichai Rat(LPhoo Kui Thitta Thammo)
Date Of Ordination As A Novice:BE2466(1923)
Higher Ordination:4 March BE2476(1933)
Present Age:97

LPhoo Kui Thitta Thammo Wat Sab Dtak Kien Changwat Petchaboon who consecrated and produced miraculous takrut which became the most popular in the present era.Nobody don’t know about LPhoo Kui especially LPhoo’s Takrut Kool Cheewit Roon Raek which had build up it reputation.The fame of it was widely spread throughtout Thailand.Not long after it were produced it were so popular that the price shoot up to several thousand Baht.There were also alot of experiences thus following it popularity Takrut Kool Cheewit 2nd batch was out to meet the demand.
LPhoo Kui produced takruts for many years.There were almost 50 types which LPhoo used the art and knowledge from various Phra Ajahn.

For instance,LPhaw Tob Wat Chon Daen,LPhaw Phrom Sorn(Rord)Wat Bahn Pai Korat.Phra Bai Deega Boonyang Wat Nhong Noi who was the left hand disciple of LPhoo Suk Wat Mark Kham Tow.Ajahn Daeng who was a layman.

The top Phra Geji of Northern region who has alot of faithful devotee.It can be observed in the consecration ceremony in Wat Hit Ran Rujee on BE2551 which already passed.There were at least 1000 people until the whole temple was fully packed.
At this time,the reputation of LPhoo Kui was not ordinary because there were alot of accumulated experiences.For instance,it ever happened before that there was man who came to request to test the amulet of LPhoo with a gun.LPhoo gave him a warning not to but he don’t believe what LPhoo told him.

The man tested it and upon pulling the trigger his gun broke into pieces.Some of the fragment fly out and penetrated his body.In the end,he lost his life just because of his own defiance.

LPhoo Kui was born in the year BE2454(1911)at Bahn Ta Mark Tan Tambon Tayi Boon Ampher Lhom Sak Changwat Petchaboon.That time Petchaboon was just forest and mountain.It was after 10 years the date of birth of LPhoo was informed.It was informed as 20 May BE2464 but actually LPhoo was born in BE2454.

LPhoo’s parent were Mr Tongdee and Mrs Tongsuk Ton Tong.As a child,LPhoo completed primary 4.Just when LPhoo was 12 years old LPhoo’s father passed away.LPhoo then ordained as a novice with strong conviction in Buddhism.
After the cremation of his father,LPhoo’s mother requested him to disrobe.But LPhoo was glad to return and continue to remain in the robe.

Thereafter,LPhoo travelled to search for various knowledge and art.For instance,LPhoo went to pay respect to LPhaw Tob Wat Chon Daen Petchaboon.In order to serve LPhaw Tob,LPhoo had to perform his duty and daily chore such as fetching water,washing almsbowl,clear the spittoon and sweep the dwelling.

With LPhaw Tob loving kindness to LPhoo,LPhaw Tob finally passed down LPhoo the knowledge of spell and charm of the Veda lineage.LPhaw Tob passed down the writing of letters and numbers for the yantra,how to make takrut tone and phayant.LPhoo also studying Vippasana meditation altogether for 6 years.

While LPhoo was 22 years old(the real age counted from the real DOB not from the monk’s identity book).LPhoo received higher ordination on 4 March BE2476(1933)at Wat Syee Mongkhun Ampher Lhom Sak Changwat Petchaboon.With Phra Maha Yhak Jhow Kana Ampher Lhom Sak as Preceptor.Phra Atigan Kam as Phra Kammavacajahn and Phra Atigan Wan Dee as Phra Anusaonajahn.LPhoo received his ordination name,"Thitta Thammo."It was translated as,"One who has a firm mind in the Dhamma."
After the ordination,LPhoo served in the temple and studied the foundation for the art and knowledge in spell and charm from the Preceptor for 2 years.After that,LPhoo went to Lao for tudong travel and studied the art and knowledge from Ajahn Daeng who was a layman.

Once returned to Thailand,LPhoo studied somemore Buddha spell with LPhaw Phrom Sorn(Rord)Wat Bahn Pai Changwat Korat.

LPhoo then returned to study Buddha spell and fully practice kammathana with LPhaw Tob.LPhoo Kui was the disciple who LPhaw Tob love much so much so LPhaw Tob passed down LPhoo all the various art and knowledge.It was believed that LPhoo Kui was the one and only disciple who received the most art and knowledge which had been passed down by LPhaw Tob.

In between,LPhoo had travel to study art and knowledge from Phra Bai Deega Boonyang Wat Nhong Noi the direct disciple of LPhoo Suk Wat Bak Klong Mark Kham Tow.LPhoo also met other disciples like Phra Maha Poh Wat Klong An.A Phra Geji who produced the popular Takrut Grao Ped.LPhaw Mui Wat Dorn Rai who had higher pansa before returned came to spend his rain retreat in Wat Chon Daen once again.
After paying respect to LPhoo Tob when LPhoo wanted to leave the temple.LPhoo went for tudong travel again at various places until BE2517.LPhoo tudong travel to Sub Dtak Kien Tambon Ta Duang Ampher Nhong Poh Changwat Petchaboon.LPhoo saw that this forest was peaceful and quiet suitable to build a temple.LPhoo walked throught the vicinity and persuaded the villagers to help to build the temple together.Until it finally became Wat Sub Dtak Kien.

LPhoo ever persuaded the villagers to listen Dhamma and observe precepts in the temple.LPhoo became the conviction of the villagers until today.LPhoo was appointed by the Sangha to be the first Abbot of Wat Sub Dtak Kien.
About the amulets,all the disciples who knew the reputation of LPhoo art and knowledge.They requested LPhoo to manage and produce amulets in order to utilize the money to renovate the dwelling.

The majority will rent all these gradually and eventually it’s all sold out in a short period.Each and everyone of them will gain different experiences.Apart from this,LPhoo will sprinkle holy water for the lay devotee.In just a day,there were alot people travel to pay respect to LPhoo Kui.

LPhoo taught the villagers Dhamma and instructed the villagers to let them know how to lead a right livelihood,patience and hardworking.Not to indulge in temptation and living a moderate life within one’s mean.

LPhoo Kui was the white elephant in the midst of the mountain in the forest and was the jewel of the city in the present.LPhoo was the real refuge of Sub Dtak Kien villagers.It was because LPhoo was a well practised monk hence LPhoo gain sincere reverence of the villagers here in Petchaboon and other province throughtout the country.Although LPhoo exceeded the age of 97 and 75 pansa it was already considered as the highest pansa in Changwat Petchaboon.


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