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Are you Buddhism ?

Posted in Buddhist by buddhanirvana on August 25, 2009

How do you know if Buddhism is right for you?  Okay, let me cut to the chase and say that Buddhism is right for you if you see that the life you have left to live is not going to be without suffering and, at the same time, you have a hunch that there is a transcendent path that leads beyond this world of suffering.  But also important, Buddhism is right for you if you can accept the fact that there is no creator God who is going to save you from your mistakes and suffering.

The last part is especially important if you want to know if Buddhism is right for you because the idea of a creator God who runs the universe as he sees fit is an idea that was rejected by the Buddha since it goes against the way the world really is.  In fact, according to Buddhism God is unnecessary since the world is a phenomenalization of mind; mind itself being transcendent and absolute when cognized directly.

In considering if Buddhism is right for you, you must accept that the search for the absolute that transcends suffering falls within you and is found and verified within you.  This can only be accomplished when mind’s perturbations have been sufficiently removed so that mind’s inherent luminosity comes forth which is mind’s disclosure of its absolute nature. 

In light of the above, to practice Buddhism involves a much different approach than is normally done in religions like Christianity.  This means that if Buddhism is right for you the approach to what constitutes ‘religious practice’ will involve chiefly respect for the place of mind and the varied processes entailed in its purification so that eventually your mind will become linked with Buddha Mind.

Understandably, in considering Buddhism, what I have presented here might seem too esoteric and unapproachable.  Nevertheless, this is what Buddhism is about.  But this shouldn’t bar anyone from practicing a part of Buddhism hopefully that one day they will grow into it.  The decision to take up Buddhism really involves a series of little steps.  However, it is also important not to delude yourself into believing Buddhism is like some pop cult which teaches you to be in the big Now as you enjoy every kind of sensory pleasure.  Far from it.  Buddhism to reiterate is a path of transcendence.  This especially entails transcending sensory craving; seeing pure Mind which is ever blissful and beyond the pale of suffering.


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